The Secret of the Hoxton Pornstar

Those who know me well will know that the Hoxton Hotel is one of my favourite places, especially for lunch on a Sunday, accompanied with many cocktails! One of the reasons I love it here, apart from the relaxed vibe, amazing service and tasty food, is the espresso martinis and the pornstar martinis.

I came for lunch today and ordered the pornstar only to find it tasted completely different and was in fact a lot smaller than usual (I’ve noticed this change in taste in a few places recently)! I mentioned this to the waitress and she informed me that the ingredients have changed and they’ve added pineapple 🍍 to it! 

Why would they do this to such a perfect recipe you may ask!? I wondered the same and they had no reason but gave a lovely and heartfelt apology. I promptly re-ordered an original pornstar and they were happy to make this as a one off.

So next time you visit please make sure you do the same to avoid the surprise of a syrupy, medicine like taste that is not the delicious pornstar we all know and love!

This did however allow me to try out some new delights and I came across my now new favourite the spicy picante de la casa! (Warning this is one hot little drink so tastebuds beware!)

Happy Sunday funday everyone! Let me know if you try the new version and what you think!


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