Dangerous buttons and delicious food

A dark, sultry, opulent, gold, red and marble room with a button that promises to keep the bubbles flowing…Bob Bob Ricard you are my new favourite place!🙌🏻

Don’t even get me started on the food…it’s to die for! I shared a beef wellington with Rach and they brought over a huge portion and sliced some off for us. We couldn’t resist the truffle mash or the fries and also a few greens too, obviously to keeping up with our clean eating! 

I couldn’t think of a better restaurant to celebrate Soph’s birthday, it’s the perfect place for a fun girls night or more of a romantic date night…the low lighting works wonders for the complexion too! 

I wore my new rose gold skirt for the occasion and my new high neck lace top both from River Island (it’s so good this year)! The skirt is actually super comfy and so perfect for the festive season!

They brought out the sparkliest, glittery pud and pink after dinner drinks for the birthday girl, which we all managed to squeeze in despite being full – there’s always room for dessert!

Other delights on the menu were lobster mac and cheese, salmon tartare and sole with champagne sauce, (my mouth is watering, just thinking of them) they also do a Sunday roast that I imagine is heaven on a plate, especially at this time of year!

If you get the chance, book this in the diary! Everything from the gorgeous crystal wear to the attentive service was perfect, it’s not too pricey either! Just make sure that finger of yours doesn’t sneak over to the button too much!xxx

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