Sky News Sunrise Interview

So…as some of you may know…I am now an absolute celeb, as I had my 5 mins of fame this morning on Sky News, who needs 15! Don’t worry I’m still the same person I will try not to let this change me! Haha!


As you can imagine everyone was asking me if I was nervous before I went on but my biggest concern was what to wear! Would I be sitting on a sofa or a chair? Should I cross my legs or not? Dress or trousers? Which shoes?! All of these questions were swarming around my head up until 6am this morning when I had to make a decision!

I finally whittled it down to either a DVF coral lace top, Zara black waxed trousers and my black Louboutins or a Topshop pale blue cowl neck dress I grabbed in the sale last night! I had a blow dry at Michael John in Knightsbridge (I would highly recommend this for all hair appointments!) and a manicure before going home to get some beauty sleep (which proved difficult with the clips in my hair…but so worth it for the curls)!


In my early morning haze I went with what felt best and it was the blue Topshop dress, especially for sitting on a sofa. I got picked up at 7am and on arrival was ushered into hair and make up, it was so exciting and felt super glam! She only added a little powder as I had done my own make up and luckily the curls were still in from the overnight clip agony, so after a bit of hairspray, I was good to go!


They then led me to the desk…yes desk…(you couldn’t even see my shoes! No sofa! Ahhh!) and then I was live!

If you’re wondering what all this was for, it was for a Compare the Market Campaign (video below). They wanted to show that a lot of people take their driving test and then don’t drive, so they put 3 of us to the test (literally!) in central London, accompanied by a driving instructor of course. My experience was quite hilarious as I got off to a shakey start and was pulled over by the police for suspiciously slow driving past the Home Office…awks!


I don’t drive as I live in London but when I have a family I will definitely take a refreshers course and get behind the wheel! But until then, I think I’ll stay off the roads!xxx

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