Hollywood Dreams

For our first night in LA, we headed straight to the one and only, West Hollywood or WeHo for those in the know!

We choose to have Dinner at Laurel Hardware, an old hardware store that’s been converted into a very cool restaurant. You can either sit outside under the fairy lights in a garden area or inside, in a very dimly lit bar area. If you’re wondering where to go in LA I’d definitely recommend here.

Manolos and Martinis By Georgia Burke lauren hardware manolosandmartinis.com.JPG

The vibe was really chilled and started to get quite busy as the night went on. Everyone was pretty casual but we got dressed up anyway, it was LA after all!


We then had just HAD to experience the famous Chateau Marmont and the four of us grabbed a taxi to Sunset Boulevard to carry on the cocktails.


Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take photos inside but I managed to get a few sneaky ones. I ordered a White Russian and it was super strong but absolute delicious! The barmen in America seem to free pour the drinks, which can turn out to be quite dangerous!

We sat outside at Chateau Marmont in a little courtyard and then moved into a very old school room with huge sofas and very traditional decor. We had a great night chatting and laughing together and the buzz of the place felt very “Hollywood” and special.


It was a great first night in Hollywood and made us more excited than ever about exploring more!xxx

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